Organic Outreach® is about living the kind of life that naturally draws people to Jesus.  It involves speaking the kinds of words that you use in ordinary conversations and that reveal the presence of a loving God.  It means loving people in a way that is genuine.  Organic Outreach® is all about sharing our faith in a way that is authentic, real, and feels natural to the people around us.

Loving People

Ladies enjoying coffee and conversation in the Shoreline CafeWe can call it sharing God’s love, bringing the gospel to the world, connecting the spiritually disconnected, doing evangelism, or reaching the lost, but the point is the same.  Organic Outreach® is how Christians can live and communicate their faith in a way that lets people know there is a God who loves them and sent his only Son to open the door for a restored and wonderful relationship with them (John 3:16).  Human beings are lost because of sin, and we need Jesus Christ if we are going to be forgiven, be set free, and find meaning in this life.

Outreach is more than just the proclamation of biblical truth, though this is an important part of the process.  It is also about loving people, serving in our community, being models of Christ’s grace, building authentic friendships with those who are far from God, and telling our stories of God’s presence and power.  Outreach is not just an occasional church field trip to visit those who are spiritually disconnected from God;  it’s a lifelong journey as we follow Jesus into the world.

About Organic Outreach International

Through training, coaching and provision of resources, Organic Outreach International® is committed to helping denominations, national groups, regional movements, para-church organizations and local churches around the world infuse the DNA of their ministries and congregations with a passion for natural evangelism.

We offer online and on-site training sessions ranging from half-day introductory seminars to two-day Organic Outreach® Intensives. For churches and movements that are directly engaging in Organic Outreach® we provide a collaborative coaching experience for small groups (cohorts) of Pastors and Outreach Influence Team Leaders through a combination of online work and monthly video-conferencing.

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Read Organic Outreach for Ordinary People by Dr. Kevin G. Harney.

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Organic Outreach® has given us a profound and yet highly practical approach to shaping an outreach culture in our church. We are seeing the passion for outreach increasing as people are equipped with simple and attainable yet, dramatically life changing practices that deepen their engagement with people far from God and see them reached with the gospel.Nick Field, Senior Pastor, The Street City Church, New Zealand