December 2018 Issue

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Welcome to the December 2018 issue of the Organic Outreach International newsletter!

Pastor Adam Barr shares the final installment in the Redeeming Words series with a focus on the definition of Authentic. It is not that our culture fails to grasp the basic meaning. We all know that “authentic” means “real, true, not counterfeit.” The problem is this: Our world fails to realize what makes a thing authentic rather than counterfeit. This is especially true when it comes to being an authentic person. Read More…

As the Christmas season quickly approaches, many leaders ponder how to achieve the greatest outreach impact.  In response, Pastor Walt Bennett shares the importance of an intentional invitation. Read More…

Want to grow in your prayer life? You won’t want to miss this powerful interview with Sherry Harney, who wrote a great book on the topic (“Praying with Eyes Wide Open”). Give it a listen here:

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