February 2018 Issue

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God is on the move!  As you read this, Pastor Walt, Pastor Tom and Shoreline Church’s Outreach Pastor, John Houseman, will have begun their journey home from three weeks of teaching in India and Sri Lanka.  God has opened the doors through our partners in this region to present five Organic Outreach Intensive Trainings to pastors in need of encouragement and a fresh perspective on reaching the lost in their communities.  Back home, the updates and pictures we’ve received have given us a glimpse of the mighty work God is doing in these countries.  We would appreciate your prayers for our ministry partners, Pastor Jay, Pastor Sudhir and Pastor Suresh – as well as the pastors who will be taking principles of Organic Outreach to their communities.  Please pray for open hearts to the Gospel in these regions.

Jesus took huge risks when He moved His attention from the “us” of His day to “them”.  He calls each of His followers to enter into this same risky journey.  When is the last time you were accused of being a friend of drunkards, tax collectors, and sinners?  If the answer is never, maybe it is time for a seismic shift.  Read More…

Can you believe that Easter is only nine weeks away?  As you are planning your outreach events, consider trying something new.  A church that wants to reach its community will take risks, try new things, and seek innovative ways to serve and build redemptive relationships with those who are not part of the church.  We need to be willing to risk failure to discover new levels of success.  Read More...

Thank you to everyone who responded to our Christmas Outreach Survey!  We’re excited to share some of the stories with you in the coming months.  By the way, the survey is still open if you’d like share your Christmas Outreach event details with us!

Please let us know If there are any specific topics that you would like to have covered in a future edition.  If you have any stories from engaging with Organic Outreach in your setting that you think would be valuable to share with others, please send those to us as well.  Send your requests and ideas to Robin Maguire (robin@organicoutreach.org).

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Our team at Organic Outreach International looks forward to serving you and your ministry to help reach those who are far from God.

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