January 2018 Issue

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Well, we have made it through another calendar year.  I suspect many of you – just like me – are looking forward to a return of ‘normalcy’ – whatever that is – recovering from overindulgence of goodies and an overflow of interactions.  As the dust settles on 2017 and we venture into 2018, I encourage you to take a season of listening.  Listen to the heartbeat of your church.  Pay attention to the activities and conversations going on among your church staff (volunteer and otherwise), leadership, and general membership.  Look for overarching themes.  Is everything pushing towards a calm status-quo, or is there a discernible element of disruption and a yearning for reaching out?  Is there an attitude of doing things the way they have always been done – or is there an air of evaluating past methods to look for ways to improve or extend outreach beyond where you have gone before?

How are you setting the compass in your own personal life and your family as you embrace the new year?  What changes did you begin in 2017 that you need to persist with in 2018 – how have you pointed your own life two degrees out into the community and neighborhood to build relationships and scatter seed?

I invite you to ponder these questions as you read through this first issue of our newsletter for 2018.

This month, we’re featuring an article from Sherry Harney, author and co-founder of Organic Outreach International, on sharing the Gospel.  Read more here.

The Christmas season is an excellent time to share the Gospel.  We’d love to learn more about what your church planned in order to reach out to your community.  Please complete our short survey so can learn how you embraced the opportunities this past month.  Access the survey here.

Please let us know If there are any specific topics that you would like to have covered in a future edition.  If you have any stories from engaging with Organic Outreach in your setting that you think would be valuable to share with others, please send those to us as well.  Send your requests and ideas to Robin Maguire (robin@organicoutreach.org).

If you know someone who might benefit from the information we bring you each month through this newsletter, please forward this on to them.

Our team at Organic Outreach International looks forward to serving you and your ministry to help reach those who are far from God.

For His Glory,

Walt Bennett, Executive Pastor