June 2018 Issue

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Welcome to the June 2018 edition of the Organic Outreach International newsletter!

This month you will find an article by Adam Barr – the first in a series he will contribute titled Redeeming Words. This series will explore some keywords that have very different meanings when used by biblical Christians on one hand and post-Christian unbelievers on the other. Words like “faith,” “truth,” “heaven,” “justice,” “tolerance,” “compassion,” and “authentic” mean something very different in the post-Christian world than they do for us. The series is a continuation of Adam’s March article on the call to become cultural bridge builders who can help translate the Good News to our world.  Read more…

Every church needs to take an honest look at how they function and discover if there are patterns that are counterproductive to reaching out to those who are not yet part of the family.  Entire congregations can function in a way that says, “We are here for us. Everyone else stay away.” Or they can establish patterns that show warmth and an inviting spirit that says, “everyone is welcome!” In an excerpt from his book, Seismic Shifts, Kevin Harney shares the importance of evaluating the heart of the church. Read more…

Finally, if you have not visited the video section of our website lately, we encourage you to do so.  You will find updated training videos with a few new additions as well as a simpler navigation scheme.  One of the additions we are receiving great feedback on is a series of three 10 – 12 minute videos designed specifically to help train church members who are going out to serve the community through various projects to intentionally include outreach in their ministry.  You can find these videos by following this link, choose the Browse Series option, and select Community Service Outreach Training.

We hope you find this month’s issue helpful as you continue to work on inspiring your church to reach out to the lost in ways that are natural and relational.  As always, if you have any stories of Organic Outreach in action that you feel might be inspirational to others, or if you have any ideas for future articles, please contact our team at info@organicoutreach.org.

If you know someone who might benefit from the information we bring you each month through this newsletter, please forward this on to them.

Our team at Organic Outreach International looks forward to serving you and your ministry to help reach those who are far from God.

For His Glory,

Walt Bennett, Executive Pastor