October 2018 Issue

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Welcome to the October 2018 issue of the Organic Outreach International newsletter!

Pastor Adam Barr presents his fifth article in the Redeeming Words series. As we have seen, these words can be barriers or bridges to understanding, depending on whether we take time to make sure we’re speaking the same language. If we are not careful, confusion will prevail. The reality of such confusion is highlighted when we contrast our cultural view of Tolerance with a Biblical worldview. Read more…

This month, we present part two of “Yes People” Will Cripple Organic Outreach from guest contributor, Loriana Sekarski. In this installment, she explores ways to get your team to be more open with you, even when they know their input contradicts what you believe to be true. Creating that type of environment enables your team to make informed decisions based on reality.  Read More…

We hope you find this month’s issue helpful as you continue to work on inspiring your church to reach out to the lost in ways that are natural and relational.  As always, if you have any stories of Organic Outreach in action that you feel might be inspirational to others, or if you have any ideas for future articles, please contact our team at info@organicoutreach.org.

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Our team at Organic Outreach International looks forward to serving you and your ministry to help reach those who are far from God.

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